The Making of the 88-SS, 300ZX (Z31) Spoiler a.k.a. “Lip”.


lip-tbo-a.jpg (7660 bytes)

88-SS Shiro Spoiler


87 - 89 “TBO” Spoiler


lip-none-a.jpg (8124 bytes)

87 - 89 No Spoiler


rick-ss-spoiler-00-aa.jpg (17037 bytes)

First, you get a generous person to loan you a new SS lip to make the mold from.


rick-ss-spoiler-01.jpg (22904 bytes)

Attach a stabilizing bar to keep it from losing its overall dimensions and any warping.


backmasked-00.jpg (111959 bytes)

Mask off the back side to protect it from damage during the mold making process.


wax-7.jpg (29451 bytes)

Make a plaster mold for making wax sheets.
Melt wax and pour.


wax-8.jpg (21222 bytes)

Two sheets won't do it but eight will.


wax-mask-01.jpg (25214 bytes)

Now, form the wax sheets around the back so that the edges extend over the outside edges of the model


wax_backing.jpg (29975 bytes)

Fortunately, the model had studs that could be used to hold the wax sheets in place.


clayfinishmask.jpg (19306 bytes)

Using soft plasticene clay, smooth and blend surface of wax sheets into the edges of the model.


pva-mold-release.jpg (30906 bytes)

Apply a coat of high carnuba paste wax, spray a coat of PVA mold release and allow to dry. Apply a second coat of wax and PVA.
Relax and have two beers then take a picture.


fg-mold-layup.jpg (39257 bytes)

Spray a coat of jell-coat and allow to set up.
Apply 2 layers of glass cloth and two layers glass mat.


styro-ribs-00.jpg (33649 bytes)

Cut and shape one inch Styrofoam sheet to from reinforcing ribs.  Polyester resin will melt or dissolve Styrofoam. To prevent this apply a thin veneer of "Bondo", automotive body repair paste, with either a brush or trowel. Bondo contains polyester resin but sets fast enough to prevent the foam from melting.

These ribs can be made from plywood or even heavy cardboard. I prefer the foam as it is easy to shape and adds very little weight to the mold.


styro-ribs-01.jpg (41838 bytes)

These ribs will be covered with fiberglass, as seen below.  The model is held by a jig that is attached to a large round rotating (Lazy-Susan) work surface. This allows the model be be rotated for easy mold building. A screw stop is used when rotation is not required.


ss-mold-01.jpg (19600 bytes)

Close up of the Styrofoam ribs covered with 2 layers of glass cloth with the support stand attached.


ss-mold-00.jpg (18663 bytes)


ss-mold-02.jpg (19861 bytes)

The original OEM SS spoiler ("model") is still in the mold. The back side still has the blue masking tape covering the surface.


mold_stand_bracket.jpg (20794 bytes)

Mold stand and bracket attachment.


ss-mold-03.jpg (26157 bytes)

This is how the mold will sit for "lay-up".



Most of the raw materials  for this project were purchased from Douglas and Sturgess in San Francisco and Richmond California. 510-235-8411

If you use this source, ask for Artie and mention my name, Gary Molitor.  Place orders with Donna.


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