Selected Historical Photos from the Family Album
of Gary Molitor

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These are my great great great grand parents. The mother and father of Amelia Molitor, the mother of my father's father. The picture was taken sometime in the mid 1800's in Germany

Amelia Molitor, my great grand mother or my father's father's mother, driving her 1905 Northern 2 cylinder touring car with baby son William, 1905. Sign in background advertising "New Era Paint."

William Milton Molitor, my father's father as a child actor in San Francisco, approx. 1911

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This was Amelia's family home in Tonapha, NV. Amelia can be seen with sister to her right and their father at far right. Father was a bread baker and delivered fresh bread daily to the miners. Wyatt Earp bought bread from my great great grand father. This is William Milton Molitor as a young man. The original photo had developed silver nitrate stains along dark edges. This is a picture of the employees who worked at my father's mother's father's hotel oven manufacturing business in San Francisco after 1906 earthquake. He is the smart looking gentleman sixth from the left with his hands in his pockets.
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This is my grandfather William as actor in Santa Cruz with his friend as "black face" porter. Show here is my father, Milton William Molitor's birthday party in Oakland, CA. Note the clothing and hats. My father liked black shirts and ties. The children standing on the railing and post present an interesting pose. Also, in photo are two well used wooden wagons. This is my mother's father William Roy Kneppler and his sister Ruth posing for their grammar and high school graduation picture respectively. Picture taken in Oakland, CA, 1916. The other Kneppler siblings were Evelin, George and Robert.
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