Selected Photos of the May Drug Company. Oakland, CA
Family business from 1918 to 1973

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May Drug Store at the corner of Seminary Avenue and 5859 Foothill Blvd. Roads were tar coated dirt. This was one of the first buildings in East Oakland.

Interior of the May Drug before my father's father bought it in 1918. Headline on news paper reads 'Ruling In "Art War" Today.'

Interior of store, approx. date 1952. Note clock time of 9:30 PM. My father took this picture after the store was closed.

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'49er Day Centennial celebration during the Summer of 1949. All the stores in the Seminary Merchant's Association were painted to look like old frontier store fronts. Workers were repairing a broken water pipe. Jokes abounded about digging for gold.

Father and Son.
The matching chrome plated cap pistols and leather holsters were a prized possession. I loved those boots but they were hell on my toes. I recall thinking my father looked really cool with his beard.
Store at night approx. date 1952. My father's father had the exterior or the store redone in the early 30's in the Art Deco Style. The exterior was a combination of tile and royal blue fired enamel metal panels – very stylish at the time.
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Same night 1952, looking West toward the front of the atore.

Well stocked, proper and no shortage of hot water bottles.

After the remodel in the Summer of 1953

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Same building in 2001

Area is depressed, ripe for “redevelopment.”

“There is no there there” ...
as of 2014
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Now immortalized in the funnies.

Read "Zippy" Everyday at "Zippy The Pinhead"
Bill Griffith. One of our great unsung artists of this and the last century. 

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